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Bioengineering has advanced prosthetics, however, there are still some significant problems that need to be overcome. What happens if the prosthetic is destroyed is one of the queries. PEEK filament implants can be useful in this situation.


PEEK contains characteristics that resemble those of bone. This material can be effectively utilized in 3D printing technologies to assist address numerous medical concerns. There is a need to investigate the use of PEEK in various procedures, including those for the spine, maxilla-facial, cranial, and others. Complex design implants are produced using 3D printing precisely to a patient’s specifications.


5 Arguments in Favor of PEEK Filament Implants in Prosthetics


Users of prosthetics frequently use PEEK (polyether ether ketone) filament implants because they are strong, cozy, and simple to care for. PEEK implants are a fantastic choice if you want to be able to quickly change the fitting of your prosthetic device. You should think about PEEK implants for your prosthesis for the following reasons:


  1. Robustness – PEEKis a material that can tolerate high temperatures and pressures and is quite robust. Because of this, it is perfect for prosthetic devices that need a sturdy construction.


  1. Biocompatible – PEEKcan be used in implants without running the risk of infection or rejection because it is biocompatible.


  1. PEEKis simple to utilize, making it an excellent option for persons who find it difficult to work with other types of prosthetic materials.


  1. Low melting point – Because PEEKhas a low melting point, fabricating prosthetic devices from it is simple and doesn’t need to use hot tools or follow complicated assembly instructions.


In summary


PEEK JS-S2 is a grade of NATUREGEN PEEK from JUNSUN MEDICAL. This grade of PEEK has good flow properties, making it suitable for both injection molding thin structural implant devices and 3D printing customized implant devices.


The best technique for prosthetic surgery right now is to create customized implants using 3D printing. Because NATUREGEN PEEK 3D printing filament is created specifically for FDM technology and has great mechanical qualities, good melt flow, and biocompatibility, medical products routinely employ it.