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Medical Implant Examples of PEEK Applications

We are enabling innovation across the spectrum of implantable and non-implantable medical devices. PEEK implant material has proven outstanding in many areas. Common medical implants examples of PEEK: PEEK cranioplasty, a spinal implant, dental materials.


NATUREGEN® PEEK Processing Method

Machining & Injection Molding

NATUREGEN® PEEK sheets are suitable for machining, using commonly used CNC equipment.

NATUREGEN® PEEK granule can be used for injection molding for various implantable products, especially for joint anchors and interface screws with relatively small specifications and large quantities.

3D Printing

3D printing of customized medical implants is currently the perfect tool for orthopedic repair procedures. NATUREGEN® PEEK 3D filament is designed for FMD technology, and its excellent melt flow, as well as the excellent mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the finished product, make it a popular choice.

Dental PEEK Implant Material

PEEK has been used for medical implant examples of several dental devices, such as dental implants, abutments, healing caps, orthodontic braces, and, most notably, denture prosthetic frameworks. They offer a more natural dental solution than metals and ceramics.


Delivering PEEK implant materials and technologies for fracture fixation and reducing implant failure.

Spine & Orthopedics

Our biocompatible NATUREGEN® PEEK is a leading choice for applications including spinal interbody fusion devices & anterior cervical plates. The choice of PEEK cranioplasty has proven to be a safe method.

Medical Devices

Short and long-term implantable solutions for cardiovascular, neurological, and connected drug delivery devices, such as diabetes management and respiratory devices

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